Audiobyte Hydra VOX

dual-chassis dac

(includes ZAP dedicated PSU)

Hydra Vox and Zap front

Our latest generation FPGA DAC built on a pure 1-bit architecture, upgradeable via firmware update.

Feature set: high performance discrete headphone amplifier, integrated digital pre-amplifier, control via touchscreen or Android and iOS app.

The package includes the dedicated ZAP low noise, ultra-capacitor power supply that can power both the VOX and the HUB.

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Audiobyte Black Dragon

D/A converter

with headphone amplifier

Hydra Vox and Zap front

Special sound of a classic dac chip combined with cutting-edge FPGA frontend.

Feedback free, discrete class A headphone amplifier.

Femtovox clock system

Large display & dedicated control app.

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Audiobyte Hydra HUB

Complete digital

transport solution

Hydra Hub front

Feature packed network streamer and audio transport device.

Feature set includes: digital receiver, network streamer, mini server, reclocker for jitter attenuation, upsampler and format converter, USB Interface, digital pre-amplifier.

External power supply not included.


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