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Audiobyte's mission is to finally close the gap between computer and high-end audio.
How do we really do that, you may ask.

Our philosophy is based on radical thinking, aiming to original product offerings. This is possible by implementing top technological solutions from our own R&D department. You will never see a me-too product from Audiobyte, at least not in technology department! What you will see is an original handcrafted hi-quality original product with real-world pricing. The products we are making are aimed to fit either in a high-end rig or in a computer audio setup. Audiobyte will always be the promoter of new and exciting technologies, and we invite you to read the products white papers before going any further.

You are welcome to write down what you like or dislike, or about what would you like to see, about this website and about our products. Send us your comments! This will be much appreciated.

That being said, no more talk, let's proceed to some listening :)

What Did Our Customers Say?


Yesterday I received the DAC. Everything was ok. I could listen to it only briefly but I was very favorably impressed... no... it sounds Great!!!Silvano, Italy


I have received the Hydra X and would like to thank you for your help. The sound is great. Tom, Australia


Last night a friend came to my house with a XXXXXXX-XXX-1 USB interface for a comparison with mine. We both preferred your interface, the sound was clean and airy compared to the XXXXXXX-XXX-1, my friend returned home less pleased when he came to my house. Alberto, Italy


Hydra X has arrived, drivers installed and making beautiful music! Randy, USA

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Audiobyte's mission is to finally close the gap between computer and high-end audio.

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